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Our impact across Africa is undeniable. We have launched projects that have transformed barren lands into thriving ecosystems, brought renewable energy to remote villages, and reduced waste through innovative solutions. We have empowered countless women to take the lead in addressing climate challenges, not just in their communities but on a global scale. Through an annual awards ceremony and comprehensive impact reports, we celebrate the achievements of these women-led projects. This recognition not only highlights their contributions but also inspires more women to join the climate action movement.

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As we continue our journey forward, we invite you to be a part of this transformative movement. Together, we empower women to lead the way in addressing the urgent challenges of Africa’s future.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for Africa and its people. Together, we move “Ewabili” – forward, toward a greener, more equitable Africa, where beauty thrives, resilience shines, and hope prevails.

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